Jacksonville Regional Transportation Center (JRTC)

Multimodal Transportation Facility and Intercity Bus Terminal

As a member of the joint venture team selected through a design competition process, Apple Designs provided design and consulting services for the wayfinding and signage information system at Jacksonville Transportation Authority’s (JTA) new regional mobility hub. The state-of-the-art transportation facility connects intercity and local transportation providers. The 9,660 SF Intercity Bus Terminal (IBT) opened as Phase 1 of this project, operated by Greyhound Lines, Inc. We applied Greyhound’s sign standards for the interior and exterior signs at the facility, produced bid documents, and ensured the execution of the final signage program. In May 2020, Phase 2 of the project opened which included the five-story JTA administration building which also serves as a multimodal nexus for local bus routes, the First Coast Flyer bus rapid transit, the Skyway monorail and second floor Skyway Station, regional shuttles, taxis, rideshare, and other shared transportation services.

Apple Designs developed static and dynamic signage for pedestrians, bicyclists, vehicular traffic, and transit services and provided design recommendations for directories, maps, and VMS displays to communicate appropriate time-sensitive information to passengers and the traveling public. We developed a custom arrow icon for directional wayfinding that utilized elements of the JTA logo. In addition, the logo and architectural elements were reflected in the signage design resulting in a one-of-a-kind solution infused with the JTA brand and character.

Photo Credit: All photos courtesy of Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA).