U.S. Land Ports of Entry (LPOE) Pedestrian Processing Facilities

Paso del Norte & San Ysidro Ports of Entry

As a member of the teams contracted by the GSA and Department of Homeland Security, Apple Designs created a network of signage to help process pedestrians and vehicular traffic through the southern U.S. LPOE border facilities at Paso del Norte (PDN; El Paso, TX) and San Ysidro (SY; San Ysidro, CA). For both facilities, Apple Designs employed a combination of static signs and digital displays to communicate information to pedestrians and digital signage for the vehicular processing lane assignments. The dynamic system enables Port Directors and key personnel to adjust messaging throughout the day and in response to operational changes, as necessary. The layer of flexibility not only provides a means to offer varied communications (e.g. English and Spanish) but is designed to help improve throughput and create an efficient, well-organized, and safe environment.